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4106 Stringfellow Road, SAINT JAMES CITY,, FLORIDA



  Everything was done in accordance with Department and National By-Laws and we sent our constitution and by-laws to the 13th District Judge Advocate, John Creighton, Jr.  He returned them and said, "They were the finest he had ever read and commended us for them."  He asked for a copy so he could help other posts by using them

    All National and per capita taxes for every member and three life members were paid.
    We ended up with 66 charter members.  We now have 75.
    We have sponsered two boys to Boys State (230.00), Little League ($300.00), bought American Legion Pins for all members ($126.36), sent Boy Scouts to camp ($100.00), donated 36 American flags to Pine Island School so they will have a flag in every room, donated a flag to Boy Scout Troupe 20, joined Lee County Vets Council and gave coloring books to the Pine Island Elementary School.
    On December 7th we had an American Legion Pearl Harbor Day fish fry and movie of the attack.  The film is a U.S. Navy film owned by one of our members.  We made $207.00.
  On April 12th we had an American Legion Birthday Celebration.  One month late due to no building free for use.  We made $500.00. 
  We have a very good bingo every Wednesday at Flamingo Bay Club House with a $100.00 jack post each week all winter.  Then we have to go to progressive in the summer.  Cleared $1600.00 so far.
We are working on a building site and fund.  We have a total of $12,000 and the value of a 1956 Gold Medallion Cadillac which will be hopefully sold to a man in California.  This was donated by an American Legion member from a post up north, who lives here on the island in the winter.  The whole deal comes from the very hard work of my 1st Vice Commander, George Cassidy, the Commander for 81-82, Pine Island Post #136.
 We have a total in our building fund if the car goes for $12,000, a total of $13,600.00 and we still have a month to go.
   A election of officers for 81-82 was completed May 6, 1981.
  As Commander, myself and most officers attended the shool of instruction August 10, 1980 at Ft. Myers Beach Post #274.
   Visited Post 90 in Cape Coral and received the preamble from the to our new post.
  Also, I attended the mid-winter conference in Daytona Beach, November 21 & 22, 1980.
  Gave a talk to the Pine Island Chamber of Commerce on the American Legion and it's goals.
    Presented American Legion Eagle Scout award to island scout.
 Attended the 13th district commander's meeting at Leigh Acres on March 27, 1981.
  Visited an island vet at Bay Pines and signed him up in Post 136.
    Attended two Lee County Vet Council meetings.
   Attended district meeting Port Charlotte, October, 1980. 
  In closing this report I would like to give all credit for the success of this post to the members of Post 136, the Area Commander, Ernie Stout, 13th District Commander, Robert Fruoff, the executive officers and all the fine Legioneers I've met this past year.
R. L. (Luke) Iler, Sr.
Commander Pine Island Post 136
American Legion, PO Box 146, Matlacha, FL 33909

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