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4106 Stringfellow Road, SAINT JAMES CITY,, FLORIDA



Thank you Legion Riders for another act of kindness

These Riders are just AMAZING

Sunday December 20, 2015, sixteen American Legion Riders of Post 136, Saint James City, Florida visited the John Jacobson Veterans State Retirement Home to donate $500 for anything our brave veterans needed to celebrate the holidays.

A very nice, active lady, a nurse in the Army during WWII, started singing, “I wish you a Merry Christmas.”  We all applauded.  About five minutes later, she started singing it again.  This time, we all joined in and kept it going for a few minutes.

If you ever wanted to see sixteen “bad- bikers” with tears in their eyes, you just had to be there.  This really made my holiday for me and, I am sure all the rest of the people there!

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