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Renting the Post Hall


American Legion Dining Room Rental Agreement Revised May 1, 2017
Date for Dining Room Rental: ____________________________________________
Time from: _________________________   To: ______________________________
Event Type: ___________________________________________________________                          (i.e. graduation, birthday, wedding, etc)
Responsible Person: __ _________________________________________________
Address: ______ _______________________________________________________
Contact Phone Number - Home: __________________ Cell: ___________________
Members of the Legion: There will be a $75 charge with no deposit. You must have proof of your current membership to receive this discounted fee.
Non Legion Members:  There will be a $250 charge with a $50 deposit.
The agreement is for the use of the Dining Room and bathroom facilities only. The responsible person who rents the Dining Room will be charged extra for any damage to the inside or outside of the Dining Room.
I have read and understand the terms of this rental agreement.
_____________________________________   _____________________ Signature of Responsible Person     Date Signed
______________________________________________________________________ Office Use Only:
____________________ ____________________ __________________________ Deposit Amount  Deposit Date   Deposit Check # or Cash            
____________________ ____________________ __________________________

Rental Amount__________ Rental Amount Date_____________Check # or Cash____________