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All you need to join is to fill out an application, provide a copy of your DD214 or Honorable Discharge and a check for $35.00 made out to the American Legion.  If you do not have a copy of your DD214 we may be able to help you get one!
The dates for eligibility are as follows:
12-7-41 to 12-31-46              6-25-50 to 1-31-55
2-28-61 to 5-7-75                  8-24-82 to 7-31-84
12-20-89 to 1-31-90              8-2-90 to the present.
It does not matter if you were active or reserve.  If you served this country during these dates, you are eligible to join!
                           Please ask your family and friends to come and join us!
We have an active Auxiliary, Sons of the Legion and American Legion Riders chapter.

A plan to provide "Service" to our veterans, their families and their communities is as solid today, in a period of high technology and lightning fast changes, as it was in 1919, when the founding fathers of the American Legion met in Paris.

 They were true visionaries.  Much of The American Legion's success rests on its understanding that the fight for veterans rights-past, present or future-is never ending.  While our purposes may remain unchanged, our capabilities must not.  The environment is changing and we must stay in front of change to be this nations's leading advocate for veterans.For continued success, we must provide first rate service to our veterans throughout the next century.  The basis for this blueprint is the Preamble to the Constitution of The American Legion, which was finalized at the St. Louis caucus in 1919 and reaffirmed at Minneapolis in 1994.  This declaration reaffirmed the principles on which our great organization was developed.

Why Join Post 136?

10 good reasons why you should become a Member

Well fellow veteran, not only can we give you one good reason, but we can give you TEN good reasons why you should become a member of our organization a Post 136 Legionnaire!
1) MEMBERSHIP CARD: A passport to friendship and hospitality: as a Florida member of the American Legion, your membership card entitles you to visit any of the 900 American Legion Posts located throughout the State of Florida. Your membership card allows you to share in the friendship and hospitality of the over 165,000 members of these Posts. Many of these American Legion Posts offer excellent meals at reasonable prices as well as many activities for you and your family.
Your membership card also enables you to visit any of the other 16,000 American Legion Posts in the rest of the United States as well as four  foreign countries.
2) REHABILITATION FO THE VETERAN AND FAMILY ARE ALWAYS OUR PRIME CONCERN: For over 60 years, The American Legion has led the fight for benefits for the veteran and his family. The American Legion was instrumental in sponsoring legislation establishing the Veterans Administration system of hospitals.
Today, The American Legion spends many thousands in terms of volunteer man-hours and dollars in support of the sick and needy veterans and their families. Here in Florida alone, in one year, over 3,500 cases pertaining to veterans benefits were handled by a highly trained rehabilitation staff.
Our VA Service Van travels the state assisting veterans with claims and information on benefits.
3) THE AMERICAN LEGION LEGISLATIVE PROGRAMS: Your link to you senators and congressmen: The American Legion maintains a strong and active legislative program within the Florida Department of the American Legion. Our Legislative Committee monitors the activity of the members of the FloridaGeneeral Assembly as well as our duly-elected officials on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. The Department Legislative Committee helps sponsor bills and resolutions affecting veterans and their families.
You say veterans benefits are not important??? Just wait until you need them and you don't have them.
4) THE AMERICAN LEGION BASEBALL PROGRAM: Second to non. Every year, over 100 American Legion baseball teams compete in sectional, regional, and state tournament play within the State of Florida. Comprised of high school players, under the direction, coaching and sponsorship of American Legion members. The American Legion Baseball Program does stress winning, but more importantly, stresses the importance of good sportsmanship, fair play and team work.
5) PREMIER BOYS STATE: A week to shape a lifetime: each year since 1935, the Florida Department of the American Legion has conducted a week long learning experience into the democratic form of gove
If you are a veteran living in Florida, the chances are good you may have been contacted by someone you live near or work with about joining an organization called THE AMERICAN LEGION.
And, if you are like so many others who have been asked to join our organization, you have probably asked the question, "Give me one good reason WHY I should become an Florida Legionnaire?"
Called Premier Boys State. Premier Boys State offers the more than 1,000 young men who attend a seession annually, an opportunity to learn first hand the inner workings of a political party, and to apply this knowledge in actual practice.
We don't guarantee that a young many who attends Premier Boys State will grow up to be successful...but we'll give you good odds.
6) SPECIAL OLYMPICS: A person to person program: The Florida Department of the American Legion acitively supports Florida Special Olympics, in terms of both many hour spent conducting local events and financial sponsorship as well. The American Legion believes there is no such thing as handicapped people only truly special people.
No Florida American Legion Member stands as tall, as when he stoops to help the less advantaged.
7) ORATORICAL: The youth of today speak out on the Constitution: The Florida Department of The American Legion has conducted a high school oratorical contest for nearly 60 years.
8) LIKE SPORTS? The American Legion has them! The Florida Department of the American Legion annually conducted bowling and golf tournaments atsome of the finest facilities in the state.
Your membership card in The Florida American Legion qualifies you for all sports tournaments.
9) GIFTS TO HOSPITALIZED WAR VETERANS: Since 1944 the Florida American Legion has supported a program to remember every hospitalized war veteran in Florida. Merchandise requested by hospitalized veterans is purchased with donated funds. More than 2,000 Legion and Auxiliary Volunteers wrap and distribute gifts at Christmas.
10) THE TENTH AND FINAL REASON  for belonging to the Florida Department of The American Legigon is spelled out in three little letters...Y-O-U: You, the eligible veteran of this great state who answered the call of your country in a time of need. YOU, who served and served honorably. YOU are the person we are looking for to join The American Legion.
The American Legion is not just a veterans organization. The American Legion is THE world's LARGEST veterans organziation, with over 3 million members.
But to remain the largest veterans organization in the world, we need help...we need your help...we need YOU!
Remember, it is not the price you pay to join that is important; it is the price you paid to be eligible.
JOIN US TODAY!!!!!  FREE MEMBERSHIP FOR VETERANS WHO SERVED FROM September 11, 2001 to the present. See Page 2


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