American Legion Post 136




Hello Legion Members.

A warm welcome to Zachary T Majeski, Toby D Edwards, James W Morris Jr and Donald Lee Sollers to Post 136.

Despite the cooler weather, work around the Post continues. And once again, we desperately need volunteers to help around the Post. This Post cannot run as it should without them. Those who are cooking your lunch and are serving you that big juicy hamburger on Friday lunch or washing your supper dishes, please know they are part of the volunteer team making you happy. Say thank you to them.

2024 membership dues-goal 100% membership by December. At the time of this writing, our membership is at a disappointing 71%. How embarrassing for the best Post is the state of Florida. With a goal of 528, only 378 members have renewed. Please help me ask those who have yet to pay for 2024, please do so because the $45 you pay help the programs the Post sponsor; i.e., our veterans, community and the school. 

SIDE NOTE: Effective on the 1st of February, due to overhead, prices on food and drinks will increase.

Upcoming events for a busy February and March:

On the 4th (Sunday) of February at 11:00 the Post will observe a moment of silence in honor of Four Chaplains Sunday. The ceremony will tell the story about the events and the actions taken by the four chaplains in giving aid and comfort to the crew of the USS Dorchester on that fateful day in 1943.

On the 10th (Saturday) of February-Valentine’s Day dinner from 5:00-8:00 featuring Bar Stool Rodeo.

On the 11th (Sunday) of February-Super Bowl Party AND it’s all day.

February the 17th (Saturday) of February-the Auxiliary hosting One Hole Over the Pond featuring Pipe Dream.

On the 24th (Saturday) of February-the Chili Cook-Off featuring Tammi Truitt. We need volunteers to set-up and help throughout the feasting. Those of you wanting to enter, please let Ed know. Entry forms are on the website or at the bar. Proceeds will help the Pine Island Scholarship Fund.

Also, on the 24th, the Auxiliary will be having their Veteran’s Fund yard sale event from 8:00 to 12:00.

District 13 Family “BE THE ONE” Event & Project Vet Relief Resource Fair will be on February 24, 2024, at American Legion Post 192 in Fort Myers, Florida. Starts at 10:00 am.

On the 9th (Saturday) of March-the Riders Steak Dinner fund raiser. Tickets are $25 and they are going fast.

On the 17th (Sunday) of March-St. Patrick Day celebration featuring Johnny Rogers from 1:00 to 4:00.

On the 30th (Saturday) of March-SONS BBQ dinner featuring Last Resort.

Don’t forget our monthly February 21st meeting. Executive Board meeting beginning at 6:00 PM and Membership meeting beginning at 7:00 PM.  We welcome your ideas and input to continue making Post 136 first in the state of Florida. Please bring your voice to the Membership meeting. Please remind your Legion member comrades to attend.

Patricia LaCour, Adjutant






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