American Legion Post 136

Legion Post 136

Monthly Meeting Agenda

September 21, 2022

  1.  Opening Ceremony
  2. Introduce Guests:

A: Teresa Shattuck- Post 136 Auxiliary 1st Vice    Re: Holiday For Heroes

B: District Membership Chairman

C: Bud Boyer – District Commander

  1.  Adjutant Report:  Patricia La Cour
  2. Finance Officer Report: Anita Guthrie
  3. Service Officer Report: Edward Lippincott, Sr
  4. Membership Chairman Report: Patricia La Cour
  5. House Committee Report: Commander
  6. Building Committee Report: Aaron Barrera
  7. Announcements:

A: District 13  Fundraiser “Whiskey Keg of Booze” Raffle

B: Joe Valle – Golden Palms Resort

C: Suicide Prevention Weekend to be hosted by Post 136 in February

  1.  Old Business

A:  At our July meeting, we had given the Auxiliary a one month trial for their Drag Queen Bingo . They are now requesting approval of their original request for a 6 month trial on the 3rd Saturday of the month.

B:  Last month we approved $4800.00 to replace the ceiling tiles, fans, speakers, and lighting in this back room. Since then the SAL has come forward and informed me that they would be performing that task and absorbing that cost.

C.  3 years ago when the driveway was paved, it was recommended that  it be re-sealed in 2 years.  In April 2021 it was noted it the minutes that 3 bids were received and the Commander would text the Board results after talking with Chick.

In May 2021 it was noted in the minutes that it was voted to table the seal coating.

At the June 2021 meeting it was noted that the parking lot bids had expired and would be revisited in the fall. I have updated quotes from all 3 companies.

D. The new exhaust fan smoking motor has been installed.

  1. New Business:  Fall Conference  November 18 thru 20th.  How many Officers are we willing to sponsor?  There are several valuable classes available for those who attend the conference.  The rooms are $149.00 per night and we voted at the last conference to allow a $100.00 per diem for meals. I presently have 3 rooms reserved and need to know if I need another.  I need to know who is interested in going and we will have a vote by ballot at our October meeting to determine who we will sponsor.
  1. For Good of the Order:
  2. Closing Ceremony