American Legion Post 136



Hello American Legion members:

As many of you are aware, National Headquarters will be raising dues rates beginning July 1st for member year 2025.

Post 136 dues are $45/year and it has been for a number of years. From the $45 you pay yearly, $10.50 goes to Department of Florida, $18.50 is taken for National and that leaves Post 136 with $16. This is the remainder the Post uses to help support the programs: Vet Relief, the Riders Unity Ride for Vet Relief, the 4th of July parade, cookout and night time fireworks our community enjoys, our school kids in the form of school supplies, the fishing derby for the kids who need the support and all other things.

Even though we may raise our rates for next year, there is something you can do at least for the next three years to put off paying the extra money.  That is taking advantage of the multi-year membership for the next three years.

You can lock in the $45 so when our rates increase, you will not be affected when you select the multi-year membership. I did it and it was easy to do. I logged in at www.mylegion.org. I signed in to my account (some may have to register) and clicked renew and was able to pay until 2027.

Multi-year membership must be done online.

PLEASE consider doing this. You won’t have me bothering you beginning in July about paying your membership.

Thank you.

Patricia LaCour, Adjutant

AMERICAN LEGION POST 136 Saint james City