American Legion Post 136




Happy July 4th Legion members!!!!!!!! Please volunteer if you can. The parade starts at 10:00 from Winn-Dixie to the Elks.

Membership cards for 2025 are now available at the Post. As you all know, National will be increasing dues by $5 beginning this month for 2025 year.  That $45 you pay to the Post, after National and Department take their cut, we are left with $11.00. And as I stated in the December newsletter, please consider paying multi-year three years in advance so that when the Post raises dues, you will be okay. At the June Convention, there was a resolution on the floor Department increase dues by $3 beginning the 1st of July 2024. The internal affairs committee recommended rejection of this resolution. The members voted to follow the recommendation of the committee.

Happenings at the Post:

4th of July (Thursday)-Celebration of our country’s birthday with a parade, good music, food and ending with fireworks.

6th of July (Saturday) until around the 20th (Saturday) of July-the kitchen will be closed for painting the walls and epoxying the floor. Rest assured, great food will still be served thanks to the hard work of the kitchen staff and volunteers.

9th of July (Tuesday)-Post officers’ installations. Cocktails served at 5:00 and the installations begin at 6:00. Please bring your family and friends to enjoy this occasion.

10th if July (Wednesday) until around the 12th (Friday)-Post will be closed to reseal the parking lot. This project has been a long time in coming and desperately needs doing.

Please thank a member of the staff when you see them because they work hard every day, especially, making your lunch on a hot Friday afternoon.

Officers Installation for Post 136 will be held on 9th of July beginning at 5:00 with cocktails and installations starting at 6:00 for all family officers. Bring you family and friends to see this.

Don’t forget our monthly July 17th meeting. Executive Board meeting beginning at 6:00 PM and Membership meeting beginning at 7:00 PM.  We welcome your ideas and input to continue making Post 136 first in the state of Florida. Please bring your voice to the Membership meeting. Now that we have a new commander and newly elected officers, let’s get behind then and give them all our support.

By the way, say “Thank You” to a volunteer.

Patricia LaCour, Adjutant






FOR 2025-2026-2027

$135 TOTAL